Good song, horrible recording


but Long Time Man and Hard On For Love are the best!


The Carny!


I don’t like the production on Heaven or Las Vegas that much.


seems to have been weirdly slowed down to sound all deep and strange for some reason too. still good but the live versions all blow it out of the water.


Local Business by Titus Andronicus.

Love the songs but the production is just so flat.


The worst recorded GBV track is ‘deyton ohio, Nineteen something and five’. Such a great song and a real break from their usual lyrical sytle, but the drum machine does not work for me. Wish Bob had done it with the full band


Fuck are tickets for the London show still going


Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. Great song, dreadful production.


Fuck off, steved.


Always think Neon Bible (album) sounded really muddy. Especially compared with the great production on Funeral. Suburbs was pretty good production wise too, if lacking in actual tunage.


Morning Eric!


Generation Terrorists





Almost posted Motorcycle Emptiness myself. Obviously it’s a beloved track now, but that’s mostly hindsight - it would definitely have been so much better with real drums.

Sean is still annoyed about it:


Heard the 2003 version?


They should have told the producer to gtfo


Heard the US mixes with drums not by Sean?


Listen to the live stuff on How The West Was Won by Led Zep

Then listen to The Ocean, Dancing Days, Over The Hills And Far Away and as @ericV says, No Quarter on Houses Of The Holy

Page is always mentioned as a great producer but the studio versions of those songs are absolutely fucking shite


Funeral was mastered so loud, though. kind of a difficult listen.