Good song, horrible recording


Never noticed this, always thought the opposite. Neon Bible sounds louder to me. Was disappointed at the time that they’d put the vocals really up front instead of nicely buried in the mix like before


how has nobody mentioned terrible love by the national?


Yeah, never did get my head round that one. I almost took the CD back thinking there was a problem with the disc.


All of of Husker Du’s catalogue sounds awful and the 80s CD mastering doesn’t help.


yeah i struggle with the production


The whole catalogue needs a radical overhaul…remixing and remastering.


The whole of ‘Tim’ by The Replacements. Some of their best songs are on that album (‘Hold My Life’, ‘Bastards of Young’, ‘Little Mascara’, ‘Swingin Party’) but the production on it sounds awful. Really tinny and ragged, but not in a good way. It actually sounds like there are guitar tracks missing or something.


‘Declaration’ by Felt, the opening track on 'Poem Of The River. Sounds like a very rough demo.

‘New Generation’ by Suede. Too much reverb leading to a mushy sound. I remember reading producer Ed Bueller openly admitting he fucked that one up.

Also, as great as Cocteau Twins records sound, it’s a sound that rarely translates well to bands that don’t sound like CT as evinced by Robin Guthrie’s production on Felt’s ‘Ignite The Seven Canons’ and The Gun Club’s ‘Mother Juno’.


Agree about ‘New Generation’ by Suede. In fact, neither the debut or ‘Dog Man Star’ are particularly well produced.


Agreed, the intro of Animal Nitrate seems really odd and neutered, although it sort of becomes part of its charm after a while.
They actually re-recorded Trash from Coming Up for their Singles compilation, although i really liked the tinny production on that and the re-recording sounds a bit bland by comparison.


Yeah, they re-recorded Brett’s vocals on ‘Trash’ because, on the original, his voice sounds really high and nasally because they sped his voice up to give it that unnatural effect. Brett now hates the way it sounds, however, i think i prefer the original to the re-recording.


Agree about the intro to ‘Animal Nitrate’. They put that sort of flange effect on the intro which makes it sound a bit crap and dated now. Although, the worst produced song on that album is ‘Moving’ which also has that terrible flange effect on the chorus.


Weatherbox’s second album. The whole thing just sounds badly recorded.


I agree though ‘New Generation’ is particularly egregious.

I don’t rate Ed Bueller as a producer tbh, dislike the sound of ‘His N Hers’ by Pulp as well.


Bernard Butler didn’t rate him as a producer either, which is partly why he left (or was sacked) i believe


Aye, it’s not a great song but there is a pretty good version of 'moving knocking about. Can’t remember if it’s the demo or a session version.


Yeah I think the band are agreed about Moving, the live version from that time was blistering. I think Brett said in a Vice interview that he was kicking himself for not including My Insatiable One and another B-side (To The Birds?) over Animal Lover and Moving.


This is great.

FWIW I come to GBV for the lo-fi production more often than not. That said, there are still moments I get irked by it. I always think Wish I Was Giant is especially bad in terms of not being able to hear the vox.


Destruction Unit - Negative Feedback Resistor, Great album, shit recording

The original vinyl pressing of Yerself is Steam is pretty awful. The CD is much better.

Agree re Husker Du for the most part but they get away with it on Zen Arcade.


I never got the hate for ‘Terrible Love’ s sound. Maybe that’s because I don’t think I’ve ever heard the other version (demo?) but it sounds fine to me. Like not great but like it’s supposed to sound like that…