Good song, horrible recording


i take issue only on the basis that it’s a crap song regardless of production


That whole Cody ChestnuTT album. Also horrifically misogynistic throughout so not worth the while all in all.


People always say this but I still have no idea what the problem with it is


i heard the new version on the deluxe version of the album. didn’t think it was as good. :man_shrugging:


Expecting Brainchild could do with clearer vocals. sounds great live but the melody is lost in the weird way it’s recorded. not even sure how it’s possible to make vocals sound like that.


The entirity of Bankrupt! by phoenix is shit recordings.


Sot too, I didn’t even realise there were lyrics on that track until I heard the solo Tobin version. VoT sounds perfectly lo-fi good on the cleaner or more acoustic songs but the rockers really lose out.


Can’t stop thinking about this.

What’s wrong with it?


The production on some of the B-sides (‘My Insatiable One’, ‘He’s dead’, ‘The Big Time’) sounds better than the album i think.


Horrible strings, live version is infinitely better. Johnny kind of ruins radiohead for me these days.


Seriously, explain “horrible strings”.

They’re incredible.


Explanation: i dont like them.


A recent one that comes to mind is Brokenlegged by Sinai Vessel.

I don’t mind unpolished/lo-fi or whatever, but actually find it off-putting how unbalanced it all sounds, especially the horrible drums. To the point where I kept waiting for an announcement saying they’d accidentally uploaded an unmastered version or something.

I really like the songs and arrangements too.




I always think Bossanova sounds tinny and shite. Is that just my CD/also vinyl?


all of Enter the Wu-Tang 36 chambers




sounds like someone’s put a cushion over the speaker


The production on the LP in question ain’t nothing to f**k with in my opinion.


They debuted it on a late night show and ripped the arse off it - then the album came and it just sounded so weak in comparison.

In fairness, I think the national always sound more tearing live (and it’s a nice duality for them to have, as their studio sound would never work live and vice versa), but I really was disappointed.

The outcry was so great that they then recorded the ‘single’ version, but, as I said above - they couldn’t catch that feeling, and I guess that’s why they didn’t try to in the first place. It sounds like shit.

Unfortunate a great live performance made both studio versions sound tame. Don’t know if that’s a failing of the recording, or a weird quirk of The National, whose bangers always sound better live. They’d probably argue that by and large they’ve massively benefited from having a unique studio sound, and I’d agree tbh.