Good songs by bands from after they've gone bad

all bands go shit at some point, but they often carry on making music anyway.

I want to know about songs that are good that were released after the point at which the band had gone shit.

I’d give you an example but I can’t think of any

R.E.M. have a few on later albums.
Dylan’s ‘Knocked out Loaded’ is a shocker, but still has the immense ‘Brownsville Girl’ on there.


Unspoken by Weezer

Yes REM! Well it depends when you think REM went bad, but I’ve Been High off Reveal is a lovely little song

Everything in its right place by radiohead is alright


aye dylan was who I immediately thought of as well, there’s usually a gem or two hidden on his shit albums.

the other one I thought of was only by anthrax. absolute banger

Surely referring to Reveal and Around The Sun here:

Marr: Are you haunted by the albums you haven’t made over the last five years and the songs you haven’t written?

Stipe: I’m haunted by the albums that we did make.

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Really like this song from after smashing pumpkins reformed. Actually the whole set they did was pretty good, seems to have been a folk-rocky direction they flirted with taking but abandoned for more shit overproduced studio albums and corgan’s ridiculous obsession with synths he can’t play