Good songs with bad openings


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(first topic created, be kind if it’s dull and truly sorry if it is)

Do you know any good song that starts poorly?
The ‘lucky-me-I-did-well-not-skipping-it’ kind of song

I mainly think that about this song from Dino Jr and that awful soft funky intro


Good idea for a thread! And surprisingly difficult.

Not sure if it 100% counts because it’s tacked onto the end of the prior track, but the dreadful spoken word “Stockholm Syndrome Interlude” opens up “Stockholm Syndrome” by Blink 182, which is a legitimately good song and one of their best.


The spoken bit to Refused Party Programme is a bit naff


Kill Bill Vol. 4? I like it, but means I can’t really recommend it to a friend/stick it on a playlist without an explanation. :slight_smile:


The crash-bang-wallop that opens the otherwise superb The Outsiders by Doves. Especially in the context of the album; it jars hard straight after the loveliness that is Kingdom of Rust. No doubt intentional.



Not quite wholly fulfilling the remit but the filthy flute warbling at the start of breathless transforms an average bad seeds song into a less than average one:



this on the new album as well


I bloody love the Start Choppin’ intro


I agree, I had forgotten that one!


Well, to be honest, I kinda like it now cause I know what comes after that :slight_smile:


In the same way, this great song from Eels has a quite painful start that bothered me a lot in the beginning but I’ve come to love it as part of the song (besides, the harshness and ugliness of it made perfect sense considering what the lyrics are)


This is more of a great song with a mediocre opening:

Starts off much like a whole load of Sigur Ros songs but when it kicks in, it’s probably one of my favourite tracks.


I feel like it really kicks in at 4:40, it’s a really long opening man :slight_smile:


the whole song is terrible. I wish he would stop now.


call the police is the best song on the lcd soundsystem album but by far the worst intro


This. It’s bloody brilliant.


Sunny Day Real Estate - "The Prophet"

Just started listening to this album a few weeks ago, and the intro to this song never fails to make me cringe.


hah I always skips this song because I’d rather listen to “Guitar and Video Games” anyway