Good stuff that has happened at the weekend

Lol. At what? Or was that the whole event?

It were a night at Deaf in manc but she went on stage for 5 mins at like 1am then did a meet. Tbf it was doing 90s and 00s bangers all night so i was loving it. Took me shirt off to robbie

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Sounds fun! Glad you had a good time :blush:

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was she nice? how much chatting happens in a meet and greet? person i was out with last night was showing me the personalised birthday video from flavor flav that his mates got him

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Do you fancy her or are you just a big Tracey Beaker fan?

She was fine but it was literally hi have a pic okay bye. Not her fault she seemed happy to give time but the bouncers

Neither, bought tickets when drunk and my friend wanted to go


In other words, you did it all for the bants. I respect that.

Oh god yeah. Why else did i see Boyzlife and Basshunter last year


I think I’d enjoy a Basshunter gig!

It was AWFUL


But fun?

Noo it was at Bongos Bingo and he came out after like 3 hours with a bottle of buckfast, shouted fuck her in the pussy over and over and it was just grim

Oh :grimacing: gross.
He seemed like a creep on CBB tbh.

He didnt even do his songs! He was on for 15 mins and djed like eiffel 65 and the cartoons.

Was the cbb the one with Alex Reid?

Had to google it, but yeah!

Remember Stephen Baldwin recruiting him to a prayer group

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Pub cats


Remember Steven Baldwin saying he’d rather his daughter be shot to death rather than telling a stranger on a bus that she renounced Jesus.
Jeez, she doesn’t have to mean it!
Absolutely batshit.

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Oh wow i dont remember that.

At least Alex Reid made the best music video ever