Good things you have bought



Sandwich press. Cost peanuts, heats in seconds, virtually no cleaning. Super.

This book is fucking marvellous and costs a tenner:


Nice! I have this one Lonz



a clip on light for the headboard, good stuff

keepcups are also vv good


Got it a couple of months back and must be into double figures of recipes made


Belter innit.


Bought these too


Is the other one… pretty meaty?


don’t believe you



Seriously, you just wipe the cheese off when it is cool. Not even with a wet cloth, just a kitchen towel.


Can we have the details of it please?


Keep Cups are bullshit.


The Made in India one? Nah, quite a lot of veggo recipes in there amongst the meat and the fish.


but enough about your electric toothbrush




It’s this one but I paid £15 for it

It is incredible. Plug it in, slice the cheese, put it in the bread, machine is ready, put in machine, ready in two minutes. I would say that I am eating within four minutes of starting (plain cheese toasty) and no need for butter.

Cleaning - 4 seconds.


Don’t think I’ll bother


just use those bags that you put in a normal toaster = zero cleaning


Oh so that’s how you make a cheese toastie. Fucking hell mate.