Good things you have bought

Leaky, don’t keep the drink warm. What’s the point of them?

they’re a bit shit though

i get burnt bits but unmelted cheese when i use them

This is about timings!

I hope this guy made it over @JackLiquorice


can’t think of anything i’ve bought recently which hasn’t been bike related unfortunately


It’s because cheese can go over 100c in a toastie maker


I have this and her other book. SO GOOD.

I make the pea kachoris and the feta and beetroot samosas from this one regularly and they’re amazing.

Ooft haven’t done either of them yet. Cheers for the heads up meo.

I bought a new rear light

everything i’ve made from both books are excellent.

Especially the keralan fish curry

That I have made, it was a wee bit bland for me if memory serves. Need to make it again and spruce the shit out of it.

[spoiler]ooooh what did you get?

i’m still using a £5 planet x one – it’s very bright but the quality is terrible, i can barely press the button to turn it on any more[/spoiler]

Yeah, I haven’t had a duff one yet.

I really want to make the Gujarati corn on the cob curry but my wife doesn’t like corn. Devastating.

Some very subtle flirting there…

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Coming from Mr ‘thanks for the heads up’. Sledgehammer stuff.

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I was quite happy with my £5 decathers jobbie, but someone in my club complained it was too bright! (there’s no settings on it)

cast iron griddle pan, love it. weighs a fucking tonne right enough but i’m griddling the fuck out of everything :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem with my bf. He doesnt like the look of him but FUCK HIM i’m making it