good things :)

my mum’s laugh (seriously wish I could vocaroo it, it’s ridiculous)


When the moon hits your eye like a big

  • Piece of pie
  • Pizza pie

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the moon doesn’t look like a piece of pie though does it

Does if it’s a half moon

And pizza pie isn’t something that exists (well, maybe it does but only in your wanky hipster artisan pie places)

There was a couple with a sleepy fox faced pomeranian on the bus with me who kept yawning and nodding off and sitting in his owners arms like a baby :sob: he was so adorable i nearly shed a tear too. I asked if i could pet him and the owners were so happy and proud to talk about him, really love that adorable pride people have when talking about their pets


My late 30s colleague was walking home the other day and some teenagers were jumping in puddles and splashing passer-bys. When he was near them he said “are you going to stop that” and they just said no, then they followed him down the street doing ‘oink oink’ sounds at him.

gotta say that was not very nice of them

I think a piece has to be smaller than half. Will make another thread about this

when your friends are giddy

giddy friends

That’s the good stuff right there.

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