Good Thursday morning 🥰

I am up early watching my pal & former diser get married! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

@roastthemonaspit i think I spotted you in the chat too!


Going to Harrogate for shift work. I’ve never been to Harrogate for anything other than work.

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bad morning Thursday

Oh, it’s so cold

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Looks like it’ll be a nice day here for the first time in about a week.

Had a Tesco order for a change this week. Kept thinking the squash was a bit strong, just clocked the label

Quadruple strength ffs.


At least it’s a nice bus ride

Ill toddler last night so I’m functioning on 4 hours of sleep :+1:

Morning all.

I’m in the office for the first time since March last year. We’re having our xmas party tonight so the place is full. Feels weird and wrong. Quite enjoying the novelty but if I had to do this again tomorrow the novelty will have worn off completely. Gonna spend the morning watching my computer get over the shock of being switched on.

I’ve forgotten how to behave at work. My boss gave me some beer as an xmas present - what time is it acceptable to start drinking in the office again?

Hope you’re all well.

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Something strange and unusual has happened. Got into the office before 9

I could go an e-Wedding.

Are there any memes that are like ‘when accidentally hover over the camera button on zoom and see yourself’?

Morning, the weddings sounds lovely…is it on zoom or something @dingaling

Had a conversation last night about goyters so had a dream that I had, you guessed it, a goyter.

Tidying day, got a little webinar over lunch. Feeling quite Thursday, nice timing days of the week.

(LOL that typo)

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I’ve woken up feeling non-covidy for the first time in almost three weeks. Thank fuck.

Still got the cough though.


Weddings are good imo. Even virtual ones.


Morning all.

Dog walked, such a relief it wasn’t hammering it down.

Just logged in to find out that a project that I’ve worked on won an international architecture award last night. :partying_face::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Somewhat makes up for the fact I woke up convinced it was Friday.




I know. Couldn’t believe it was only Thursday :grin:


yep on zoom as they were in Oz :smiley:


hahaha love that you’ve gone all out

Me and my sister used to sing this to each other as our windows froze on the inside. In our attic bedrooms where the heating did not reach.

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