Good Thursday morning 🥰


I desperately need someone who’s watched Poldark, to talk about Poldark with :ocean::racehorse::triumph:

Morning lovelies!

At the dentist.

Then off to work, might get Greggs on the way…as kids have not yet breakfasted

Then Jacky P tea.

I watched a few episodes but that was about it. I only really watched as I fancied demelza.

Gotta go to Glasgow, but just for a few hours of work. Can’t even go a wander or meet a diser or go to Shilling ffs

Morning everyone,

Sore shoulder woke me up approx 100000 times last night. Couldn’t find a comfortable position. This is not good. I’m kind of hoping it goes away by itself :confused:

I almost gave up a few episodes in, too, because the characters were so one dimensional and the acting :cheese: but I kept going and it’s quite entertaining, good for people who like to shout at the TV :laughing:

Me neither

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had one of those mornings where just one coffee has tipped me

Nervous Season 1 GIF by Broad City

Our top-room windows still get iced on the inside in the winter. The joys of living in a conservation area - gorgeous-looking windows that are about as energy-efficient as a single layer of clingfilm.

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Massive cba. Feel better than yesterday, but not great. Late shift today. Reckon it’s going to be hell today

Morning kids!

Just taken my car in for it’s MOT. It should be fine, but I always get the fear. I had it my head that I had a ridiculously busy day today, but I’ve just checked and it’s fairly quiet - hooray!

:raising_hand_woman: me!

I’ve sat and waited while they do it the last couple of times and it irks me when they do the emissions test. All you can hear is them revving your engine and I’m sat there thinking ‘m9, can you not!’

this is something i can relate to :laughing:

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Got a feature I’ve been working on for several months over the line. Finally!! :partying_face:

Going to fams house this evening for a few days. Will get to see the gerbils :sparkling_heart:


Morning all! I’m having a small lie in but this afternoon I’ll be off to London to see a friend and her baby and then I’m going for a nice dinner near Carnaby with my husband and all the lights will be up for Christmas :relaxed:


The other day I was calming minding my own business while thinking something through, when all of a sudden, that gnome over there, watching her stories, pipes up, “YES! DIE, YOU BASTARD!”

I like the bits when the evil guy and the increasingly evil seeming woman seem to spend all episode plotting evil in their evil lair. #PoldarkChat #InTheChat


The 2 main characters are nice looking.

There ends my Poldark knowledge


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can’t believe gnome brought back all my poldark feelings and then buggered off to do work or something, smh


Got ameeting where its deffo gonna kick off. One of the people has the word ‘Controversy’ in their job title so which I find amusing