Good Thursday thread

It says Behemot Zhiv! Behemot lives!

It’s what they write in Russian graffiti about famous dead people. I got the idea from the Tsoi Lives! popular graffiti about 80s underground star Viktor Tsoi

He really trod the line of writing songs that criticised the regime without getting in too bad official trouble (helped by Glasnost) and then died a few months after the Berlin Wall came down in a road accident. Pretty much everyone in Russian speaking countries knows his songs- kind of an 80s Russian-Korean Bob Dylan meets Kurt Cobain. (This song title means "Close the Door Behind Me, I’m Leaving).



didn’t realize this was in reference to something in this thread. liked it on the basis of someone inspecting some meat and another person getting excited about it. top gif.

some cream i’m applying to my hands smells very much like garlic and burns my eyes if I wipe them with my hands. fuck this.

On the plus side, no trouble with vampires


I did a thread, it has all the stuff you need (if it’s music videos from the 70s and 80s from Russia and Hungary you are in need of- can’t help with other areas)

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apparently its flammable too.

Some of the prof’s moisturiser as a tasty condiment?

Maybe putting the fire out before rubbing your eyes would help


That’s a good start, just watch out for the bastard headache and take it easy on yourself, they can sap your energy levels for a couple of days

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fucking hell, it’s the 3rd of september?!??!

just had confirmation of a proper 10 week job starting 21st sept. wonder what to do with my last two weeks of freedom :thinking:


I love this

also the POSSUM :smiley:

He didn’t know about the pups until she turned up on the doorstep. 60s kitchen sink drama, but with possums.

Should I put little cubes of apple into my (cauldron Cumberland) sausage casserole?? Could go either way


Thanks, that’s really cool!

I’ve barely heard any Russian music from that period, I love how it’s both very distinctive and very definitely 80’s. Reckon it could be a Kino rabbit hole evening!

You’ll probably run into the conspiracy theories that he was bumped off by either the KGB or CIA (they can never quite decide which)


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On hour left of WFH, here’s what I’m hyped about

  • Posting my Milhouse gif
  • Going for a walk
  • Eating the remainder of the dinner I cooked yesterday WITH A TORTILLA AS WELL
2 Likes this is gonna be dinner ladsss