Good times

I think Justin Lee Collins used to say that and then he turned out to be a wrong 'un and now nobody says good times anymore whereas quite a few people used to.

Is this correct? Do you have any other examples?


I sometimes say this, but I am quite detached from the zeitgeist. Also I didn’t realise it came from him. May reconsider.

I don’t recall JLC ever saying that (but I never used to watch him tbh) but still remember lots of people saying ‘good times’ from [possibly] as long ago as the early-mid 00s.

Hmm interesting

Hold back. We are still awaiting confirmation that what I have said is correct.

No, I have confirmation. TV programmes, books, the lot

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A classic example from tiernan from back in 2006

(don’t worry, no dodgy ghosts from DIS past here)

This is an astute observation communicated very well.


Here is the pinkster at it but he is actually referring to a specific good time

Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday evening.

I suspect we have identified the earliest and latest known uses of ‘good times’


Thank you for saying that

Quite a fun saying if said at inappropriate moments

Pretty Sure Chic coined it.


Was JLC in Chic?

  • I began singing the Chic song when I saw the thread title
  • I did not

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We used to say it ironically as kids when reminiscing about ok times and kind of boring people but we’d say “good times, good people”. Early 00s were still ironic times I think.

The ironic age

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2003-2005 was the zenith of collins, right? the good times?

Could you provide an example of this please?

I’d like to clarify that I know the song and not the words, so what I actually sang to myself was “Der Der Der Good Times”.

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