Good Tuesday to you

Hiya! I went to bed at 10pm so of course I’ve been up since 5. Only had one small beer last night and being reminded why I packed in the booze for so long… The difference you feel on waking is palpable. Weird how short term ‘gains’ get in the way of that line of thinking isn’t it.

Had a coffee. Will soon put my kit on to cycle to work although I’ve used komoot to add an extra ten miles on as I’m up so early. Hope it’s a dece route.

What u up 2 huns? X


Victoria had a public holiday to celebrate horse abuse and it’s been great weather at least

Did the open air pool in the morning then we’ve been at the beach this afternoon.

Have to say the single beer hangover thing is always so random for me but I do think certain beers are better than others

Oh sorry should have clarified, I actual feel tip top after one beer! I was comparing it to a few nights recently where I’d had like, four and woken up completely off kilter.

The idea of being at the beach rn… Not the one! I’ve just layered up to the hilt :rofl:

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Morning. I woke up with a banging headache and I had 0 beers. Time for cocodamol.

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Just hanging out in bed with my mini best pal here.

Going to Penge this morning to meet some friends. That’s all.


They celebrate the abuse of horses?

Team away day…in the office today. 18 of us in a small meeting room for 8 hours, might wear my mask. We gave to fund creative ways to boost performance - suppose suggesting they pay people fairly and not do stupid away days won’t go down too well.

Would pay to not have to go.

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It’s Melbourne Cup day

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I’ve drawn the short straw and have to go into the office to let some maintenance guys in. I’ll be cycling in, so will probably be overtaken by Tilty at some point on my journey.

Today I will be wearing LAYERS

Ahh it’s early…this makes sense. Thanks.

Good morning!

I let the dog out when I got back from the football last night, so of course he wanted to get up at 5.36am.

Told him to go back to bed and he kept quiet for another 45 minutes. He went out in the garden, came back in and has now gone back to bed.

It is cold, sunny and the wind is calm, so I’m going to have my porridge and go for a bike ride.

If I was going to work I’d be scraping the car so I am being all Anne of green gables about it and being pleased I am at home.

Doing dreary paper work and probably watching another nonsense film with V this afternoon I guess.

Going to do a daal for dinner though. So nice.

Only 33 more work get ups til Christmas holidays lol


@Epimer Kellogg’s apricot wheats are so shit

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How is it possible to get that wrong. Wrap the apricot mush in the shredded wheats. Done.

I’m so angry. It’s Kellogg’s. I bought multiple boxes. Ffs

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Another member of the early to bed and up too early club checking in. Good job though coz I need to go to the post office and I probably would’ve forgot otherwise. Watching the new series of curb over breakfast. Hoping that work wont be shiiiiite, but.

Morning all! Cat hasn’t set her clocks back so she came barging in at 5am, which I don’t enjoy.

Another day of work and it’s going to be a stressful one. Gonna enjoy this hour 30 of breakfast and maybe a Seinfeld before I’m sucked into it.


Ver ver sleepy.

I don’t think it’s even this with the dog. He wasn’t getting up at 6.30/7 last week but since the clocks have gone back, it’s been 5.30/6ish every day.

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