Good UK/European festival line ups 2019

I found this thread really useful last year (thanks @littlebirds). So thought I’d kick it off again for this year.

Few lineups already creeping out, really like the look of the Saturday at Mad Cool (The Cure, Robyn, Twilight Sad, Mogwai, Jon Hopkins), but less so the other days. Bluedot just announced their lineup which looks fairly decent (Kraftwerk, New Order, Hot Chip, Jon Hopkins).

What else is looking decent this year? Really want to go to one I haven’t been to before.

On the electronic side, the initial Dekmantel line up is great and more varied less 4/4 heavy than usual.

DiS friendly live acts like Jon Hopkins, Rosin Murpy, Sunn 0))), the Comet is Coming and Yves Tumor rub shoulders with Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Blawan, Ben UFO, Donato Dozzy, Eris Drew and Octo Octa, Skee Mask etc.

Looks a really interesting one.


That looks incredible. Never been before so I might add it to the list.

After doing 6 or 7 Primavera’s we’re thinking of doing Mad Cool this year, mainly because I’ve never seen The Cure. Anyone been? Is it any good? How does it compare to Prim?


Mad Cool Festival 2019

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Dekmantel is really weird unfortunately, the DJ/dance music half of it is quite lads-on-holiday and then the live/experimental side is indoor gigs where you have to exit the building between every set which kind of kills the vibe – these are also sometimes separately ticketed. I saw Actress, Forest Swords and Andy Stott there a couple of years ago and it was good, but I wouldn’t go back. Even though the lineups are great on paper it doesn’t feel as seamless as something like Primavera.

Not gonna lie, this looks like someone tried to book Primavera 7 or 8 years ago but had none of the taste in music. Reckon they’ll be a lot of wandering around doing nothing in between the good acts

Which is to say, I’m still very much up for a festival that’s like a blockbuster ATP, but this isn’t it for me

Just a heads up that Dekmantel sells out pretty much immediately these days so you need to be savvy with booking tickets. Was in Amsterdam the same weekend last year for their Pride and tried to get day tickets but it was impossible (it was so hot in the end I didn’t mind too much on missing out but would love to go one year)


We went to this last year mainly as family live just down the road and it was really good. This is obviously just the 1st round of names.

Also the Bluedot lineup looks good but I can’t find a picture of the line up

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Just realised they haven’t put the name of the festival on the poster it’s Sea Change :man_facepalming:

They go on general sale on Thursday, last year they barely lasted ten minutes and the site was a nightmare which kept crashing.

Crave Festival is along similar lines to Dekmantel and looks great this year for £30. It’s a lot of acts on one day though:


Aye, peeps not being ready to drop money on the tickets could scupper plans for this year, but defs looking into it

Nice. If it wasn’t Primavera weekend I could be keen for that

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Like the look of Wigflex City fest in Nottingham, solid lineup, good price.


That lineup looks like a lot of fun but also kind of bizarre at the same time. Bonny Bear following Vampire Weekend, The National following Smashing Pumpkins, The bloody Cure following the 1975? About as chalk and cheese pairings as you can get in white cis Male rock (which I know is not that much, before someone says it)

Unless they’re headliners for different stages, then fair enough

not sure about good, but At the Gates and Pennywise being here is … odd


Some of that is great, a lot of it not. Love the total scattershot approach to it though and the sheer volume of acts!

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