Good UK/European festival line ups 2019

Had a good time at Club to Club last year, slightly over the top security aside

Tasty line up again this time

Blimey, that’s very tasty indeed and very cheap too.

This has probably already been posted. Looks sick, lots of Primavera-type bands



Like a reduced Primavera line up (without the main stages) that. Looks great.


Don’t have experience of it, but am going to the Saturday at Mad Cool this year. Day splits came out yesterday, and apart from a Jon Hopkins/Mogwai clash, its gone pretty well for the things I wanted to see.

had been wondering when he sage times would be out. My wife and I would both want to see The Cure/1975, and Mogwai/Jon Hopkins, pretty sure we’re not going anymore anyway.

Hope it’s fun though.

Yeah, I’m not fussed by The 1975, so not a problem for me. But am very excited about a day potentially looking like Johnny Marr > Cat Power > Twilight Sad > Mogwai/Jon Hopkins > Cure > Robyn > Carpenter Brut (who I just discovered yesterday, and all I want now is big goofy synths at 4am :smile: ).

Will report back on how it is for future years.

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yeah, that’s a really good run. Not managed to see Carpenter Brut yet, but yeah, I can only imagine that’s going to be absolutely banging in the wee hours.

look forward to hearing how it goes.

I booked tickets to this, having never heard of it before this thread. Looking forward to it! Anyone been before? What’s it like?

I have never been but heard nothing but good things about the atmosphere

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Cheers, feel like i’ve took a bit of a punt on it because i’m worried Indie pop all weekend might get a bit twee and dull but I’ve been enjoying working my way through the Spotify playlist and picking out bands i’ve not heard before.

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Tickets purchased! I was going to watch Chromatics in Manchester until I saw this.

Where actually is the festival, it looks like only the opening night is at OGR? How’s Torino? Never been before

Torino’s ace. Manchester sized city I guess, stay centrally if possible. Airport is easy to get to/from. Loads of amazing cafe’s/bars, architecture is very grand French style arcades so lovely to walk around. Great city for a weekend break. Take a walk along the river if you want to clear your head.

It’s a big, working city so the outer suburbs and general sprawl before you get out of the city aren’t particularly nice but no need to go there,

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Great lineup in theory until you realise the entire thing’s just one big developer-funded push to get people to think Greenwich Peninsula is The Place To Be and buy one of their luxury homes. I’m glad all the artists are getting a paycheck, but the way these are positioned as some kind of organic cool festival is extremely sus.

The main festival is in a warehouse space in the outskirts of the city (right next to a metro station so very easy to get to)

City is excellent, compact enough that I walked mostly and the film museum is tremendous. Very friendly people. All good.

Only downsides of the festival was the extremely over zealous security and the bars close at 3am when the music goes on until 6 which I know makes me sound very Brit’s abroard but it was A BIT annoying.

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Sounds great, thanks. Flying to Madrid and getting the train because the flights were dirt cheap. Really looking forward to it now

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Sounds perfect, except for the bar/security situation. Chances are I’ll be done drinking by 3am anyway these days as an old man! Assume it’s Peroni or Moretti that they serve?