Good uses of the ukelele



Beirut are alright



Dousing it in napalm.

TNA storyline where Jeff Jarrett becomes a giant

Making a song for Binaural:

Always annoying when you come into a thread with a solid gold reply, and it’s there in the OP


I made a fun album with a ukelele and a banjo once.

So there’s that

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Magnetic fields


I like ukuleles, I like the sound they make and how it feels to play them.


Can’t think of any, and haven’t seen him play one live

heh. forgot my uke has a holy roar sticker on it. punk as grint.

the fretboard is so mouldy :frowning:

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He uses a guitalin a bit which I think sounds quite similar

Really want one of these

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I’d be into that if I believed itd stay in tune for longer than 5 minutes.

been searching eBay for a charango recently. don’t really need a charango.

I now also want a charango (and a taus, and a Portuguese guitar, and a Tahitian banjo).

from what I gather mini sitar are quite common, low quality things for decorative purposes only, but a company called Mid East made an actual half decent instrument called the sitar kulele, with the pickup like in the video, but they are impossible to find now, first heard about them when stephin merrist was talking about trying to obtain one

Do like the ukulele but it’s hard to defend sometimes e.g. Creepy train station guy zeroing in on lone female commuter advert.

oooooh a taus. that sounds cool. always wanted a bowed instrument but I’m a terrible musician - a bowed instrument with frets sounds right up my street.

I saw the thread title and the first thing I thought before opening it was ‘firewood’. Great minds.

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