Good Value/Bad Value


Name one thing you think is good value and one you think is bad value!

Bad value - Headboards. Normally like £100+ for some ply board and bit of fabric. Bad value!

Good value - Big thing of toblerone for £1. Probably worth £10 as is so good

Feel free to participate below, all welcome


Bad value: Krispy Kreme

Good value: five jam doughnuts from Tesco for 65p


where are you getting your £1 toblerones? £1.50 for a decent size one in Sainos

In the Greggs meal deal (sandwich and drink for £3) both the small and the large OJ are in the deal. What kind of a mug would get the small one?


Good value - white onions (£0.75 kg)
Bad value - shallots (£3.75kg)




makes sense


Has anybody had one of those Poundland Tolberones? I’ve still not seen them for sale despite all the publicity about them last year


Good value: 2l bottle of Pepsi Max (£1.00)
Bad value: 500ml bottle of Pepsi Max (£1.45)


I think I remember hearing that Poundland backed down eventually.


GV: choc ice, like £1 for 10

BV: prawns


Good Value : The free gig I went to, which was free entry, that I cycled to, and my mate bought me a drink

Bad Value : Going to see the Cardigans in December, where the ticket had a face value of £35, but there was nearly £9!!! of extra charges, that I’m going to pay a fortune to get to London for, then I’m going to have to pay London prices for drinks.


GV: Rubber bands the postie drops outside my front door (free)

BV: the 2 very specific rubber bands I needed for my 4 track ( £15) which may not have actually solved the problem


Bad value: seafood in a restaurant
Good value: seafood platter from Iceland supermarket




anyone ever got a whole ring of prawns just to eat themselves?


No. No-one ever has.

Reasoning: No coroner in the world has ever recorded a death by means of attempting to eat a whole ring of prawns.


Think Iceland missed a trick not getting Johnny Cash to do ‘Ring Of Prawns’ for their ad before he popped his cowboy boots.

(yes, I have)


Bad value: supermarket prepacked lunchtime fruit. £1.49 for a meagre bit of pineapple? FO, M.

Good value: monkey nuts. Big ole bag for a quid, multiple servings, can’t wolf them down because they require a bit of effort.


Got a Co-op pineapple thing the other day with six pieces, five of which were from the rubbish core bit.



Mugged off m4