Good words/expressions that you would like to use more often

Inspired by a drunk Glaswegian man saying to me “how big man, you’re too tall to be indoors mind”.

From now on this is how I will refer to myself.


Also get bigman a fair bit. I’m a fan


Quite like it when people greet each other with ‘Owww doooooo?’ and think it should be the only really acceptable form of saying hello.


Dutchies love it when you say houdoe (same pronunciation)

Yeah same. The scouse delivery driver that works for us calls me Big Dog a lot which I’m into.

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I’ve been known to do an “ow do” from time to time but don’t think I could pull off the elongated version

There are pros and cons to life as a big man, but as a title Big Man is a pro for me

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Also, ‘now then’ as a greeting.

‘Now then duck’. Love that.

Ladbaby is still in prison

Recently for things that are crap ive been saying “what an absolute fart show”


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A regular at my old pub used to say “see you when you’re older” instead of goodbye and he died recently so I’m trying to revive it.


‘‘Well, peel my tangerines’’ - to convey shock particularly at yuletide.


I imagine it must be good to have plenty of PG-rated exclamations to hand if you’ve got kids

always chuffed when I remember to call someone fuckface