Good work clothes


Just started a contract where I have to wear proper office clothes - I haven’t had to this for about 10 yrs . Where is a good place to get officey type clothes - I don’t need a suit and tie, more like shirt and trousers kinda thing.







“Good work, clothes”

That might be something


Good! Work clothes?


I always say this before I get undressed for bed. It’s good to let your clothes know they’re appreciated.


That’s the sort of thing I was after, thanks


Next? The whole shop looks like it’s smart casual tbh tbf…


You can buy black jeans and some shirts from just about any men’s clothing retailer, should you not own any already.


Black jeans is risky. M&S chinos is where it’s at


Yeah depends how “proper” these office clothes have to be, I’ve never had an issue with plain black jeans though, as long as they’re not ripped / sprayed-on or anything.


Especially then, because when you take them off they might think they’ve done something wrong, and it’s a good opportunity for some reassurance.


If anything they’ll need a lift, especially if you’ve been calling them pants all day.




i know its a boring thread mate but let him get his answer

have you tried…office???


Do you have/wear any red trou anymore?


Can’t remember the last time I wore anything other than black jeans / shorts tbh. I think I have a pair of pink chinos still but I don’t know if they’d fit.


Making the switch from trousers to black jeans for work is one of the best improvements I’ve made to my life in the past year. Ditched shoes for Doc Martens or trainers, too.