Goodbye "The i"

OK, not goodbye, but it’s been sold to The Daily Mail group. Another nail in the coffin for the centre ground or STLDR?

I don’t know why they purchased “The I”. Perhaps the centre ground will die.


why i, man?

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Do you still get ‘eye in the sky’ or are they gone?

Can we assume the ‘e’ is next then if they haven’t already gotten the ‘c’ before now?

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i used to buy this semi-regularly a few years back when it was only 20p. they stopped selling it NI completely after a while, i can’t remember if it’s available again now, but it’s no longer cheap enough to justify buying anyway especially when i have a smartphone in my pocket all the time.

i did used to like their very neutral way of reporting but i was under the impression they’d made the probably natural transition from neutral to proper centrist more recently, but i can’t remember what i’m basing that on

also their website is properly awful. a clickbait site for dads.

Very very much this.


It’s frustrating, if you don’t want to read right or left leaning rags, there are very slim pickings.

The i went shit when it was sold to Johnston Press a few years ago. It got sold when the independent print edition closed, I think…

Ths s gong to make thngs very trcky when typng n future


Good rddance

Did a month long internship there years ago. Was shite.

I liked it when it was 10p and said “your essential daily briefing” on the front.


Standing at a Swedish festival discussing story of SOLD TO THE MAIL


I always preffered The o

Very nice

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