Goodest of Fridays to you

Morning lovelies.

Course I’m awake. :dog2:is unaware it’s a bank holiday.


Hot cross bun?

Have an excellent day all :kissing_heart:

Ive had a cough for a couple days (covid negative) woke up and its a lot worse now. Good timing! Doing overtime today so first 4hrs will be that then ill probably seek outdoor beer.

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Morning slicks and ducky,

I’m awake because my son texted to say he’s sick. I think he’s got food poisoning. Feel sad that he’s all the way in another country and I can’t look after him.

I didn’t go to bed until nearly 2am so I’m hoping I can get back to sleep.

@Slicky i also have hot cross buns that I’m looking forward to for breakfast.

@anon73286315 that does not sound good and I’m sorry you’re having to work :hugs:


Goooood Friday! Off to see Maw and Paw for a brunch in a bit and then going to a 2 year old’s birthday party. I’ve heard a rumour there’s going to be pulled pork buns there. Then off for a nice dinner with my partner later ahead of my birthday. Will eat tapas and drink red wine until I’m sick.


Work at 10. Will be v.v.busy. last day before annual leave. Tired. Meh.

Today is officially the commencement of shorts season. See you in October, trousers!


Also I’m off to work and it’s gonna be busy as fuck.

Are you going to go ’ well at least its a short work day’whilst pointing at your shorts and winking in order to help the day pass

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I would, but that would just upset me, because it’s a normal length work day.

Morning kids

Not much planned for today. This morning I’ll be making hot cross buns

I’ve floated the idea of going to the pub for lunch too




Morning all!

After having been trapped in the house for most of the last fortnight, The Child developed chicken pox just before bed last.

This Easter can get in the bin as far as I’m concerned.

No HXB in the house but I will hopefully manage to escape plague house when Wor Lass is on lunch.


Had some cheesecake for breakfast.

Going to take the dog for a quick spin and then heading out on the bike for an hour or three.

Might take a hot cross bun with me as a mid-ride snack.



Woken up with big plans to clean my flat

So far I’ve changed the sheets. Just had toast and made a second coffee

Hopefully my vision of myself cleaning the whole flat with a beatific smile on my face will manifest itself.

This afternoon onwards will involve :sunny::beers:


Still a faint line on the ol’ covid test so i guess I’m still imprisoned here.

Off to Sheffield for a day on the pop. Need a steady one as I’m the only one coming back to leeds so a train sleep disaster on the way home is a possibility


Visit Tate Modern



Today, i will be eating crumpets with blueberry jam


Morning was up at 5 to drive to Manchester (which we’re currently doing) for a weekend of BEER AND PUNK

Anyone about like

This^ and also -

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