Goodest of Fridays to you

Was woken up at quarter past nine by the whistle. Thankfully we were in bed by one and I’m no more tired than usual, but to noght I’m hoping the Coachella live stream is playing my jams, so will be pretty damn angry if I don’t get to sleep in. It’s possible I just heard one adult say to another, I bet your neighbours love you…

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There was someone in the bakers buying 120 hot cross buns this morning. I’m assuming they’re for an event rather than for her immediate family.

Going to give the kitchen a clean then go for a walk in the park I think. Will probably go to the pub this evening.


Hilarious story about the other day when we walked from v and a to what I thought was Tate modern but was actually Battersea power station.

We then went to the actual Tate which was excellent and in walking distance.


Boat Party Xylo ™ mocks hangovers from afar.

Today I eat too much cake for breakfast then spend the afternoon in a wine cave.

I have around 32 hours left in France and I will be making the most of that

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Morning morning, I’m working today, drinking tea, sore throat, stuffy nose. Grimbles.

Looking forward to getting back into bed.

Lovely day. Already on the train, need to eat before everyone else gets in

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Woke up this morning, after plenty of sleep, feeling like I’d been out all night drinking (which I hadn’t)


Hope it’s not Covid II

Easy mistake



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Isn’t it??

We went to a cafe with dogs though so winner winner.

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Good morning Vietnam.

I am off all next week! Current plans are to try and power through this Ellroy book (not really enjoying it or following it well tbqh), go for a cycle on the rental bikes then some drinks. It’s the first year the pubs are open on Good Friday here so I imagine it’s going to be slammed.

Going down to my parents house for the week tomorrow, should be fun

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Some cunt was cutting their grass at half seven this morning. FUMING.

No hot cross buns for me, I’m pretty anti-seasonal foodstuffs that aren’t mince pies or lebkuchen.

Easter makes me feel very weird. Auld Ma Ruffs is very insistent I have an egg but I’m 32 and a militant atheist, what the fuck has any of this got to do with me? Going to an Italian food market with her this morn anyway, will fill up on anything I can eat.


Yea really need to tidy the flat.

But i’m always like I’m not wasting a day off tidying, then on work days I’m like i worked all day i’m not doing more work

I’m pretty sure good friday was the day Jesus tidied his flat


Cooking some breakfast to fill us up for our walk down Pewsey way. Listening to the nee reimagined Spanish Love Songs album, sobbing with every word.


The last thing you want to do after you’ve allegedly died and been brought back from the dead is to come home to a messy flat.


I also had Father John Misty on last night and my mother in law shazamed it and was really enthusiastic about him :smiley:

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On the train to London, forgot about the bank holiday when I quoted on this job so I’ve got a piece of work to finish before my train gets in. Meeting up with two pals I lived with in France a decade ago then tomorrow before I head home I’m meeting a GBOLasses from an Internet forum I go on sometimes


Played tennis. Now chain drinking coffee and listening to built to spill. Gonna cut some fackin bushes and trees and shit in a bit. Nice weather.

More fool him then