Goodreads reading challenge



I do this every year. My normal target is 52 books, which seems reasonable. I set it at 104 one year, but then realised my love of long dense history books made that unreasonable. I normally hit the target or go slightly over. In 2016 I only had 33/52 but that’s still a good no of books.

I have shameful pile of 80 unread books indoors.


52 seems reasonable?!


1 per week?


that’s loads! :smiley:


Should have made it clearer that it’s 1 Mr Men book per week.


I’ve set myself 25, I’d like to think that’s a low target but that’s pretty much what I’ve been averaging for the last few years. I wish I was disciplined enough to read a book a week!


Hah that makes me sound like I’m joining the army or having to force myself, when it’s more like having to force myself to not constantly be reading a book to get things done.


I think @WizardLizard might have broken the site earlier.

I’ve read between 30-35 for the last few years and will be setting 33 as my target this year.


Think I read maybe 4 books in full last year :frowning:


But they were War and Peace, Infinite Jest, the Bible and the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, right?


had a bad year for reading last year. need to make a list and stick to it, i think, otherwise i’m spoilt for choice :grimacing:


4 Beano annuals


Beano adaptation of War and Peace.


When I read a novel:

  • I hear all the words in my head read out like an audiobook
  • I hear the dialogue, but the descriptions turn straight into images
  • I don’t hear any words, and it all turns straight into images for me

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Might set myself the target of 26. 52 is ridic for how slow i read.


Hmm none of these really.


Maybe it’s because if I don’t set myself a target amount, I’ll barely read at all. So in my head, I have to be strict / disciplined to combat my own laziness. I don’t ever really feel like I’m forcing myself to read though.

Would a high target of say 104 books not start to feel like a chore?


Haha what happened to the site?!


It did- and when I read a long book I’d think “I could have been reading two or three short ones in this time” and realised how ridiculous it was that I was changing my behaviour to match some stupid counter. So I changed the target back to the comfortable one a week.


How does it work for you?