Goodreads reading challenge

i love reading but i have a terrible attention span and often fall into periods where i just can’t bring myself to open a book. i always set realistic targets so that i can do my best to actually achieve it. i did manage 20 a couple of years ago but i’ve been sticking to 12 (one a month) recently, just managed it last year (i read something really short to get me out of a lull and focused on it again). i’ve set it to 12 again this year but i’m full of end-of-year, just-bought-loads-more-books enthusiasm so will hopefully get off to a good start, and might raise it slightly if i have a solid January.

sometimes the challenge feels like a bit of a double edged sword. desire to complete it can spur me on when i’m feeling like i can’t be bothered, and i feel a real sense of achievement every time the counter goes up one and especially when i complete it. on the other hand sometimes it can feel like a bit of a chore and discourages me from reading longer books or re-reading favourites. if i get off to a good start this year i’m gonna try my best to keep it up while allowing myself to do both of those in between (i do have a massive unread pile to get through though)

tl;dr - i’m shit at reading and take challenges too seriously.

That’s the thing exactly! I also don’t like the thought of there being a competitive element to reading a book… Even if you’re just in competition with yourself, it can still decrease enjoyment levels.


like an audiobook for me but with images accompanying it, of course - it’s just that they don’t replace the words if that’s what you mean? i often spend too much time focusing on the words like an audiobook rather than reading quickly and taking it all in, as i’m worried about missing things and to stop my attention drifting. must be why i’m a slow reader and why i apparently start reading out loud in a whisper sometimes.

I’ll be surprised if it takes you a month to finish Clothes. Music. Boys :slight_smile:


oh yeah, it’s set aside for now but i’m getting through Girl In A Band nice and quickly (by my standards) first!

I just picked up a copy of that and Patti Smith’s M Train. Going to start one of them later.

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Used to read so much as a kid but slowed to 2-3 books a year once I hit about 15. Joined a book club late last year to try and combat that and I got through maybe about 5 books in 2016 so I’m getting better slowly, but I’m thinking I might set myself a target of two a month (book club choice plus another).

I picked it up on an airport before a flight as I decided I needed to start reading again for fun. Really enjoyed it and it reignited my enjoyment of reading (I did a languages degree that involved a lot of foreign literature and it put me off books for a long time)

read 38 in 2016, don’t think i could do much more than that
gonna try read more books by women (only 12 last year) and more non fiction (only 5)

Read 39 last year I think, which is respectable, plus the first 100 pages or so of Don Quixote. This may be the year I finally move An Eternal Golden Braid from the to be read pile. But I doubt it.

I’ve been on the look out for a good book club to join! Was a bit put off by the dull selection of novels that a local group were reading.

What has your group read?

i’d say somewhere between the first two. it’s not clear like an audio book, more of a word jumble, and of course i see images but i wouldn’t say it’s necessarily only the descriptive bits.

alright, i’ve decided i’m doing 26 books. call it the DiSreads challenge.

Yep, I like doing these, although I’m rubbish at completing it! As stated in another thread, I’ve only read 18 books this year, which is a rubbish.Gonna go for 24 I reckon.

A mix because the people in it are quite a diverse bunch. The first book was the really awful second novel by the author of the Time Traveller’s Wife, which was quite fun to rip to shreds in a pub as we all hated it, then we read After Dark by Haruki Murukami which I enjoyed. Missed a few as I’ve been working away but I think the next book is the Handmaid’s Tale so I’m reading that at the mo. I joined because I wanted to meet new people and start reading again and it worked on both counts even if some of the books were duds

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There’s a tv show of the Handmaid’s Tale coming out in the spring too.

I read 10 books last year. Seems like a reasonable amount tbh.

I wanted to meet new people too! I was just being a bit of snob about some of the books on the reading list.

Glad to hear that joining a group has had a positive effect on you!

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Altho I started a good few and stopped reading them cos I thought they were shit or boring. Really don’t get people who finish books they aren’t enjoying. Life’s too short.

Yeah it’s been good, we meet at a pub and usually only spend about 20 minutes talking about the book and the rest of the time just drinking and talking but it motivates me to read the book anyway.

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