Google are restricting Huawei

Get who?


it’s leverage for trade negotiations

Trumps strongmanning. Saying it’s my way or the huawei

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Really really angry I laughed at this

seen this joke 9 times today

this article about Grindr was actually one of the better things I’ve read on US-China relations and big tech, and the risks of clash of civilisations type framings

Google have no interest in stopping Huawei they’ve basically got no choice because Trumps made it illegal to supply them.

It’s mad that the country that’s spying on everyones phones is going “you can’t have that phone they might spy on you”

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It seems the restrictions don’t apply to phones already “out there”

relief cos I have one - and so far at least it appears to be indestructible (i’ve dropped it loads, its a slippery customer)

I won’t ever get another - cos all the “non standard” android stuff they add is irritating and pointless

Sorry Motorola moto, I will never stray from the path again

I’ve got three Huawei devices.

I’m once, twice, three times Huawei.


Its America paranoia about the Chinese govt spying on them. Its also why a lot of people are anti epic store because tencent have a large stake in the company. Completely neglecting the fact that their own govt, many businesses and many word powers are already spying on them