Google Cardboard VR


Anyone else get one this morning?



VR cardboard?
What a time to be alive.


yeah. i mean i used one a couple years back, but whatever it’s cool now too


No. I did get mightily pissed off by all the fucking people standing around distributing/receiving them outside Shoreditch High St station this morning


There’s always some cunt giving away something there


Got a OnePlus (proper flash one) one in their massive marketing give away. Used it once, don’t know where it is now.


Got one, didn’t fit my phone. Could use the gf’s (actually my old Nexus 4), which does fit, but then I’d have to cover my tracks with all the VR porn, so haven’t bothered.


Makes my blood boil mate.

Every fucking day there is some prick handing some shit out and a whole load of arseholes lapping it up or taking pictures of a fucking advert or whatever.

Wouldn’t mind but the space is so restricted around there and the footfall so high at rush hour that it rivals directly-at-the-top-of-the-oxford-circus-tube-station-staircases as my least favourite place in the city.


Would you like to buy my OnePlus set?


20p. And only if you wipe the jizz/toothpaste stains off it first.