Google Halloween Game


Best thing I’ve done today.


I had a play of it yesterday - it’s lovely, isn’t it?

I also got a really needy e-mail from Bing this morning, trying to tell me about their halloween-themed homepage.


Gonna have a crack at Maniac Mansion on my lunch break


BERNARD! Don’t be a tuna head!


Amazing :smiley:

great fun

25530 on first try, 4th level. Gets proper fast


that was pretty good

completed first try BOOYAH


Hah, this is cool! (got to the 3rd level, will try harder).


just retried on phone (much easier) completed only losing one heart - 89790



Good little game, wouldn’t mind having it on my phone.


stuck on level 3


Won it first time, 94,250.

You’re all rubbish.


I’m not even on Chromebook!


this cursed game gave me nightmares