Google Home


Sorry if this already exists, couldn’t find it anywhere.

I bought a Google Home yesterday, and I’ll suitably impressed. Anyone else got one? Got any tips on cool shit it can do? I basically got it as a speaker to listen to Spotify, but I’m also using it to control Netflix, etc. When I get my own place I’ll sort the heating and the lights so I can live like Bill Gates.

I got the full size speaker one for £30 because I got a voucher when I got my Pixel 2. It sounds great.

I suppose this could also be a thread to discuss the Amazon Echo if you like. I chose Google because of my phone, and because the guy in the shop said the Echo used Bing which was “shit” and it recognised about a quarter of the stuff Google does. Also he said the speaker on the Echo was “shit” in comparison. Currys apparently employ some foul-mouthed, albeit well-meaning and evidently accurate people.


We have debated Alexa/Amazon here before and people seem quite divided due to privacy, as well as their overall usefulness.

I think they’re fun. I would go for Google Home if I didn’t have Sonos already. Just think Google make very nice looking products. The Google Home Minis look great. I have an Echo Dot and it’s very cheap looking.


They listen to you!!!


Alright Steve-o. Aye got an echo dot just before christmas set up in our living room. Cos we’re decorating we thought we’d buy a smart bulb in the sale and it works pretty well. Got a sonos speaker too so can play music through that via alexa. Don’t think it’ll ever feel natural shouting at her to do shit though.

Mainly use ours to set alarms during cooking.


I’m not into it. AT ALL.
I find it all totally pointless.
Stop being so lazy and press the button yourself.
You do not need to talk to a machine to put the big bang theory on.

(obviously this does not apply to people who use it for disability purposes)

Also they’re fun for all of 5 mins. Anyone who finds them lol and enjoyable after that are seriously questionable imo.

It’s the most cringe worthy thing watching someone repeatedly shout into one of those things and it not working.


I would argue that using a machine to put the big bang theory in would actually be quite appropriate. Poor choice of show there Meo.


I mean it’s also great as a speaker for your music. Which I didn’t have.


Ah I see. Meowington’s being all meowington about people again.


My housemate has the amazon fire stick and uses it to put the big bang theory on

ooooh mama these things irk me


So my parents struggle a bit with remotes these days, and last night I showed them this thing, mum went “Hey Google, The Crown on Netflix”, and they were watching The Crown on Netflix.



Tbh, Amazon are great at cloud technology, but I don’t think their consumer products are all that (kindle aside).


100% with you here, why are tech companies always trying to get us to talk to stuff? I’m happy pressing buttons.

(as an able-bodied person, obvs)


My dad has the big Alexa one and all he does is go “look at this everyone ALEXA! ALEXA PUT RADIO 4 ON” and he plays radio 4 for about 2 mins whilst looking at you and saying “good isnt it?”

That’s all he can do on it.


Next they’re gonna want us to just think it and BOOM friends is being projected directly into our brains



wake me up when it can buy, cook and serve me dinner


I’m not sure how much I’ll use the shouting, agreed it feels a bit unnatural.

That said, when I plugged in the Chromecast thing and it needed to download and install an update I said “play Moon Safari by Air” and it happened, and I smiled.

It’s nice having a good-sounding speaker for when you just want to pop some music on. I’ve got a decent music setup but I can’t be arsed when I’m just getting up or cooking or whatever. This seems ideal. I’m definitely not someone who can listen to music being piped out of a fucking phone or something.


I’m glad this thread turned into the hive of positivity it strove for.


Might change my name to Alexa to fuck with these people.


You’ll love the stuff I’m working on at the moment.

“Please tell me your nearest large town…”


“Did you say South Hampstead?”


We have an Alexa Show (the one with the screen) and I basically use it like Meowington’s dad. I play radio, music, set timers when cooking, ask for news headlines (it gives the latest BBC World video), that’s about it. It’s fine for doing that, maybe if I had a load more connected devices it would be more useful, but I don’t.