Google Maps Timewaster


Just wait until someone lands Dangling Dude right in the middle of Castlemilk.

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Finland has roads…

Like what you’ve done with the place…

Kevin McCloud as yet unaccounted for.

Going to feel awful if I later find out this is some war-torn den of strife.

Loads of pumpkins:

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They never did find the bodies.

Glad you posted the photo as I apparently ignored the OP asking for photos not unpreviewable links

It does seem to home in on places of historical interest, mind. Just been plonked down right in the centre of Caerphilly Castle…

This may or may not be Spanish for “NONCE”.

My home town. You can see how wild and exciting the place is.

There’s lots of old stuff in Europe.

Happy to disprove the notion that Continental Europe is all scenic vistas and pretty churches and that.




Nice to see that soft play places are as visually insane elsewhere in Europe.

Just decided to have another go at this. What happened next WILL AMAZE YOU.

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