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Not sure if this can help or is worth pointing out but if I google search ‘drownedinsound music’ the first result is the old forums

I know theres a link to the new boards there but idk, some people might go on and see last posts were years ago and click right off. If there was a way to make the new boards the first result it may be helpful


Thanks for pointing this out! @sean, is this something you want to have a look at? Anyone else in the @moderators gang got any tricks up their sleeves?

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I know nothing about SEO stuff but I’m sure someone on this forum does!

Ideal solution would be for someone with the power to set up a 301 redirect on the front page of the old forums.

With that said, it could nerf the ranking of the rest of the old boards which I know was at one stage at least a significant source of income still and it’s not something in the mods control here.

Might be some stuff we can do to boost the ranking of this though. I’m no expert in SEO, but will try and take a look at some point anyway.

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Ok, thanks! Let’s see what @sean says considering the other stuff you’ve brought up.

(I’ve not worked with SEO before really but could always look it up and look into it, the way I do with all internet stuff)

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Just checked and the fish puns thread is no longer on the front page of a Google search for fish puns

This is outrageous.


I think the problem is that the SEO relies on the old forums to generate click through income.

Maybe the time gap is affecting stuff but @sean said the worry with clearing out the old forums was a loss of revenue so anything that stops them coming up would impact that.

These forums are completely divorced ftom the main site

That said I thought even the main site was mothballed so I’m not clear on the situation there really.

Sorry all. I have been taking an extended break from everything. I’ll come back on this in a few weeks.

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No rush Sean - take all the time you need :slight_smile:

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