Google Street View lets you see places through the years

Was viewing my area from 2008 earlier and the nostalgia for places I never even went to was huge

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Chat Pile fans should check out Picher, OK. You can see it return to the earth.

Yeah, I’m addicted to this.

It’s pretty upsetting to go through local town centres and contrast the difference between now and 2008 (when they started it).


Remember when I found this. Millions to one

CW Death and sadness (but also sort of nice stuff too) Back when I first figured this out I found my grandma, who died a couple of years ago, going into the door of her house. It was really nice, just a totally unexpected shot of her going about her normal day before she got too unwell to do it. I go and see her every now and then because I can.


How do you do it? My dad was in an old photo.

When you’re in street view (on desktop at least) there’s a little thing in the top-left corner with the date and a little symbol next to it.


Hit the little arrow and it becomes a drop-down box


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Doesn’t appear on mine. Must be just desktop as you alude to

It’s available on mobile now as well Historical Imagery on Google Street View Now Available on Mobile | PetaPixel

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A pal and I mitching from school was on Google Street View. Was always weirdly happy with that.

The icon doesn’t show up for me

It’s kind of hidden, but if you go to a place:

And go into street view it looks like this:

Then if you press somewhere in the picture, the bit at the bottom changes to this:

And if you click on ‘See more dates’ it shows the options:

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Shhh no one tell the principal