Google's Ideological Echo Chamber

So it seems that chap responsible for penning this document has now been fired.

Has postmodern fascism gone too far?

How do you reckon you’d get on at your workplace if you sent that around to your colleagues?

pretty confident i’d get 100% return rate of “tldr”


apparently julian assange has offered him a job because ‘censorship is for losers’. ugh.

Why do none of the alt-right MRA lot actually know what censorship means?


@ The Old Blue Last
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Okay, maybe it has now.


@xylo you can post the James Cordon GIF now.

I wonder if the author of this was a white man?


wtf man

Saw this on Twitter earlier:

I think the person was sharing it sincerely despite how vacuously dim it is.

He trolled the fuck out of us with right-wing nonsense 3 months ago so @plasticniki had to ban him in the end. Unlike others he was RIGHT BACK HERE after his sin bin time was gone. I’m not going to just sit here and watch him do a full CG bullshit core all over again, sorry.

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I love all that French stuff.

That’s fucking weird. Wonder how the xkcd dude feels about his comic being twisted like that?

Well it’s obviously a straight parody of that, since the original gets posted in every single online debate about free speech / censorship. But it’s a stupid parody.

I guess. I suppose I feel like it’s straying from parody into impersonation? Is that the right term? And I’m not really 100% sure I approve of that level of satire.

Hey ho, though.

fair enough then, didn’t realise he was a persistent banter merchant

thought it was a way harsh for a one off was all.

Yeah sorry, I assumed you remembered him from before. He always liked to live up to his name

I mean, when I saw it on Twitter I almost didn’t read it because I’ve read it a hundred times, but something about the slightly off font made me twig. I don’t know if it’s meant to confuse people into thinking it’s the original or not.


Quite liked the response from Julia Galef