GoOutAndVoteDay (Thursday) Thread


Not one to start a daily thread usually but I’m just so excited I get to vote three times today for JC (I’m proxy for two friends). However this does mean visiting two different polling stations before work.

Theme for today is… er… go vote and then post about it or something? Idk just do the first bit.


This year my polling station is about 50m from my front door which is v v v exciting. Will vote before work.



I’m currently in Barcelona. Today is my Birthday and I’m heading to the nou camp after breakfast.

But rest assured I voted for Labour by postal vote.


#Oooh happy birthday ynot! :heart_exclamation:


Fucking chucking it down


Hallo from Hamburg!

Already sorted my postal vote. Accidentally put a blue tie on this morning before quickly tugging it off (banned act) and I’m going tie-less European style.


Might wear a red tie to work today, good thinking!


That new Mummy film is getting panned. This review is almost certainly far more entertaining


Oh man, really want to go see this now. Might treat myself tomorrow.


Haha, ooooh dear. Was trying to convince the bf last night that it actually might be quite good after I initially said it looked like the worst. Gutted.


Morning all,

Working from home this morning but will be voting for labour on my way in.

Off to see a film about Climate change and drought as part of a science festival, then going to see Bill Ryder-Jones… then home for some election misery.


Happy Birthday, drink all the nice beer.


Sounds like an all round sad fest! At least Bill will lend some romance to proceedings.


still undecided as to who to vote for, normally in the past it has been a no-brainer, the Lib Dems could win it here and Labour don’t really have a presence, but in the last election the Lib Dems dropped from the 40s to like 13% (labour were about 9%), so now the chance of strategic voting being useful diminished may as well vote for who I want.

been a Lib Dem supporter in the past, still think without the coalition we would just have had full Tories sooner, but I don’t like Farron. Seeing todays sun headline makes me want to vote for Labour (plus the local candidate is super cool, was a local record shop owner/promoter/drummer in the vapors), so I am all set to vote Labour, but then there is the nagging doubt that as this is a remain area maybe the Lib Dems will have recovered so I should vote strategically (and most of the tactical voting websites say vote for them).

Proxy voting for my parents, was hoping they would want to vote for the NHS action party that is there to dethrone Jeremy Hunt (which is the tactical choice there) but they think that is a mean spirited reason to vote for someone, so they want to vote labour. So possibly voting labour three times today


The drummer from The Vapors dropped a stick in the middle of a Top of the Pops performance. So he knows how to handle a crisis.


should have said that on his flyers


Maybe I like the misery


I’m in this exact same situation (apart from the parents but). Going with heart not head today.


My siblings are those lazy kids that don’t bother with voting but I’m dragging their arses to the polling station tonight


Facebook family morons:

“What’s the point nothing changes?”


(True though innit)