GoOutAndVoteDay (Thursday) Thread

All out voting for Jezza.

Tell them that, dude

Ooh I’m giving blood :syringe: tomorrow. Is it safe to have a :beer: today? Hope they pump me full of mad :bicyclist: drugs!!

Our candidate (Imran Uddin) is a bit of a bell end, but hey ho. Done.

I’ve never been on the winning side in my short voting history, hoping tomorrow will change that, 'mon the Corbz.

One good thing I think we can all agree on today is the delightful return of #dogsatpollingstations - if @penoid were here she’d be ruddy loving it.

Yeah it is, just drink lots of water tomorrow and eat normally :smiley:
Good work on giving blood :syringe: (edit: assuming its for donation)

Had a fb conversation on someone’s post that had 300 comments and the person ended up saying “they’re all the same, I’m not gonna vote”. Great.

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oh no i’m wearing blue, people at work are going to think i’m a tory :sob:
i’ve got a bit of time, i genuinely might go upstairs and change, is that a bit of sad?

i was trying to do a bit of a job application before work but the cat keeps trying to sit on me and i’ve been fending her off so as not to get cat hair all over my tory blue cardigan


Had no time for dinner before Kraftwerk last night. Now feeling like dogshit as I did find time for 5x beers.

Had to get up early to deal with getting kids off to school, but now I’m having a nice lie down

WFH today. Will pop out and vote for Caroline Lucas in a bit


Put it on inside out

Morning. Voted already. Apparently we had an independent candidate. First I’d heard of him, so well done getting your message out, pal.

Missed Melt Banana last night due to a migraine. Gutted. Also I’ve got a cold or something and everything sounds like my head’s underwater. Got lots of calls to make today, too, so that’ll be a joy.

Fuck off Thursday.

not sure wearing an inside out blue cardigan is going to help with people not thinking i’m a tory or with my professional* image in general

*wearing a skirt with penguins on it so not that professional


I voted!

Got a long day at work and then gotta go into town and pick up some more work for the weekend :dizzy_face:


Even the doors are in favour of OUR JEZZA / TINTCT.

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My constituency has a selection of independents and small parties running this time, presumably because it’s theresa may’s constituency. Not sure what makes people think they want to go up against a woman who is definitely 100% going to win (labour & lib dems excluded because at least they’ll get their deposit back)

Me too!


Gonna vote on the way home from work.

Sat at my desk playing guess the Tory.

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Voted Labour in a seat that’s been Tory for 100+ years or something.

Still, at least there was no queue.

Hard to see him throwing it away from here