Got 50 minutes to kill at Euston this evening

What would YOU do?

Full context:

  • 19:00 - 19:50
  • It is sunny
  • The country is undergoing the third wave of a novel coronavirus pandemic

2 pints outside the euston tap


Silly question really

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See how many times you can walk the full length of each platform in the station in the time available to you and then, book a trip back to Euston next week to see if you can beat today’s number.


walk to coal drop’s yard, queue for 20 minutes to pay £6 for a carton of beer

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Get some great Nepalese food from Great Nepalese

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3 pints at Euston Tap


People watch.

4 pints at the Euston Tap


5 pints at the Euston Tap, then get your running shoes on for when they announce the platform with about 30 seconds until the train departs.

Go to one of the nicer stations. Will probably mean a longer journey with a load of changes but Euston’s a hole (quick 6 at the Euston Tap first obviously).

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euston, we have a problem


Get a cheeky Nandos

Le Tapoi

Which is a nicer space

  • Pre-pandemic Euston
  • Pandemic Euston

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Roti King.


This looks nice!

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It’s incredible.

Or Great Nepalese

You’ll not be able to get in, get a table, eat and get out within the fifty minutes at that time.

Even at the moment, there’s a long queue by about 6.00pm.

Click and collect is an option, if you want to find a park to sit down and eat in.