Got 50 minutes to kill at Euston this evening

Walk to Drummond Street, buy samosas from Ambala, eat some samosas immediately, eat more samosas on the train. Their sweets are amazing as well.


Closes at 19:00 apparently :sob:

Damn - I only ever go during the day.

Just the eight pints for me last night then (at the Euston Tap)

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Just spoken to the Doric Arch, they say they’ll do you six pints half the price of the Euston Tap, ‘nice ones too’. I’ve booked you in.

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they also added if you don’t finish them all you’ll wish you’d never been born, they’ll make sure of it.

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Hide something for me to find when I’m there in two weeks from now


Go to the nice flower garden on the near side of Regent’s park. Grab 9 cans of Perla Mocna from an offie on the way.

Good question mate.

Have you thought about getting 7 pints at the Euston Tap?

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Play some Pokemon Go at the Euston Tap


These better be the best ten pints of my life !


**edited - sorry i misunderstood the post

How did this pan out? Get your dozen pints in?

And was there retching?


Hoping you managed to squeeze in a half at the Euston Tap.

So the 50 minutes I was meant to kill were going to be between my train’s arrival into Euston from Liverpool, and my mate’s, also from Liv. We ended up getting into Euston at the exact same time due to skillful manipulation of the ticket checking system leading to the avoidance of one of us changing at Stafford to a slower London Northwestern train so, regrettably, no minutes had to be killed and no pints at Euston Tap were had :sob:

fuckin’ get im, lads

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So you both went to Euston Tap and had loads pints right? Right?

(Imagine this on the Portman meme)

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