Got a Christening on Sunday

should i bring a gift

if so what

cant seem to make a poll

I read that in the voice of Chuck D

Of course.

One of those tiny little box things where the parents keep a lock of their child’s hair as a memento. Chuck a pube in it first though.

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Bring a gift of Quavers, Skips, Pom Bears, Chipsticks, Wotsits or some flavours of Monster Munch


someone bought one of my kids a bottle of champagne that was still quite new - but will (should?) be nice to drink when he turns 18

not sure where it is TBH

Apologies for using your own observation in a way that is detrimental to you.

Not a problem at all

Last time I went to a christening I accidentally caused a scene at the afterparty by wildly and obscenely celebrating a last-minute winner being scored within full earshot of my brother-in-law’s very christian family.

They shouldn’t have had it at the ground

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not really got much advice here guys

Should TKC bring a gift?

  • Probably
  • Nah

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when my kid got baptized (nnnnrrrrrggggghhhhhh) someone got him this book. Which is quite nice, but also nnnnnnrrrrrrrrggggghhhhh

A miniature silver spoon

Cemetery Junction on HD DVD?


I am not insulting your friends or their kid that’s meant seriously by the way that what I was given as a Christening present, I just realised the connotations!

plush animal toy

Went to one last weekend. Think we got them some wooden animal that can go on a nursery wall or something. I think a present is expected though.

Also, the ceremony was a cornucopia of incompetence. Loads of mistakes throughout. Vicar had written a programme using the wrong pronouns for the kid, then forgot about one of the hymns and had to go back to cover it. Fingers crossed yours is better.