Got a favourite atrium?

Tell me about it. In this thread.

No, I hate-ri-them


“Hate-ri-em” would have been better maybe

Does the Sheffield winter Gardens count? Not sure I know precisely what an atrium is really

yeah, the one where metella sedet

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Equitable Tower, New York City

I used to work in this building



Went here, yesterday:

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Not sure I have a favourite, but they really get my blood pumping.

One at the British museum is nice


I was ALL about Roy Lichtenstein when I was doing GCSE Graphic Art.

(still like his stuff now tbh)

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The ground floor where I work is called the atrium. It’s probably my favourite, insofar as it’s the only one I know.

erm, do you work where I work?

If it’s in Manchester, then maybe

Nah, I’m in London.
Way more atriums around than I thought.