Got a favourite "Big"?

  • The TV Show The Big Breakfast
  • The TV Show Big Break
  • The TV Show The Big Bang Theory
  • The TV Show Big Brother
  • The Film Big
  • The Film Big Trouble In Little China
  • The Film The Big Lebowski
  • The Film Big Daddy
  • The Film Big Momma’s House
  • The Film Big Momma’s House 2
  • The Film Big Sur
  • The Song Big Sur
  • The Wrestler The Big Boss Man
  • The Wrestler The Big Show
  • The Wrestler Big E
  • The Wrestler Big Bully Busick
  • The Wrestler Big Cat Ernie Ladd
  • The Wrestler Big Cass
  • Another “Big”
  • Nope

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The song big sur but by the beach boys and the landlocked version not the album version.

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Big pharma.


Big boobs


Like little boobs too tbf


Alright, Carrie Bradshaw (never seen it)

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Bit overrated in my imho

KFC Big Daddy

Big Mac.

Can’t believe you forgot

The wrestler big daddy cool diesel/ Kevin nash

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Big bounty

Big Pharma

Big old mudpie

Would Big Pharma be a funny and good idea for a wrestling name/gimmick?

  • Yes
  • No

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only if you dressed in dungarees and wore a big straw hat etc


Special movesets:

The price hike (powerbomb)
The Patent extension (some sort of submission)


Mouth Billy Bass

  • Take me to the river
  • Drop me in the water

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big match john

Big Ben

My mate who’s 6’5