Got a few job polls, iydm


SO house shares would need to take into account you’re paying the WHOLE thing



Contracted hours across 2 jobs = 61.5hrs
Hours awake across 2 jobs = 45hrs


I get TOIL if I work overtime


I don’t get TOIL if I have to do work travel on weekends and it irks me.


That would irk me too.


My tiny rebellion is to not do any work while traveling during working hours. That’ll learn 'em.


Travel to a different work location

  • Mileage/ticket and time paid
  • Mileage/ticket only
  • Neither

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I mean, I’m getting paid if I’m traveling during working hours and doing no work in that time, which I obviously try to arrange every time.


Mine depends. If I have to be at the other campus for a 9am meeting my time isn’t accounted for (Just mileage) but if I’m going to a conference or something, I’ll travel during the work day.





  • No
  • Only in certain circumstances
  • A day or 2 per week
  • Majority of the time
  • All the time

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Our contracts say no more than a day a week. But I’m doing this whole week from home as i b0rked my toe.


Mine says the same. Been into the office maybe half a dozen times in the last three or four months.


We don’t have an official policy really, but it seems to operate on a “don’t take the piss” basis. However, my boss is in the States and the big boss is rarely in the office, so I do take the piss a bit tbqfh.


I don’t wanna get on the bad side of buggy and the other mods so I have not counted any projects in this


I’d either travel during work hours, or get the option to take time off instead. I’m usually training if I travel, which saps the ol’ energy so I don’t do much work the rest of the time. So it evens out. (Plus I’m expensing lunch and dinner and breakfast and …)


Yeah. Could do it once a week or so if I wanted but tend to use it sparingly. Depends on your workplace - think it’s a bad look in a lot of places if you’re a manager and you’re working from home excessively and your staff have to be in the office pretty much every day.


Going to talk to my boss literally tomorrow about being able to work from home more often (due to constant irritating noise in the office, see work irks thread passim).


Our guidelines were only introduced a couple of weeks ago actually. Generally in favour of remote working, but in my current place people were really taking the piss.


I am quite pleased that my work is on the same bus route as where I live so no changes and 40 minutes reading or listening to a podcast there and back (when I get the bus at 7.15 as opposed to 8.15 when the roads are considerably busier).