Got a few job polls, iydm


Ours has been a thing for a while - some managers are applying it strictly… One day a week, never the same day two weeks in a row… Others like mine couldn’t give a toss so long as work is being done.

Gonna have to adjust soon I think!


Our systems are so shit that we can only access e mail from home but nothing else. So WFH actually turns out to be a pain, though I still do it if I can.


Changes are the killer. I’d sooner get, say, a 75-minute train from outside my house than do, for example, a 45-minute walk/bus/tram/walk. The different legs of the journey confuse my weird brain.


I could get to work quicker by getting a different bus to the nearest Tube station. But I find changing to be irksome.


Work from home when I’m in Edinburgh. Don’t really do it in London, certainly not in the winter when it would involve having the heating on.

Generally of the view you should get some kind of compensation for wfh, particularly for lower level staff.


Yeah, this. My commute is an hour and a half door to door but it’s just sitting on one train for an hour and seven minutes of that with a short journey at each end.


We get 1.5xhrs for Saturday travel and 2xhrs on Sunday for any weekend travel time. Just to increase the irk.


Part of a union?

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  • Tory

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what do you do for an hour and seven minutes? read a book or something? or do you just fuck about on your phone?

if that was me i’d like to do something productive with that time but know i’d just waste it


Was looking into joining one on Sunday actually - narrowed it down to Progress and CWU.

Obviously, I didn’t actually sign up and was told yesterday that my role is moving across the country, so I’m up for redundancy.

(I actually don’t mind)


Yeah my commute’s about 1hr 20m each way. Read on the way in; do the Evening Standard puzzles on the way back. It’s actually not too bad now I’ve sorted my department out and can leave at 5pm 99% of the time. When I had to work late regularly it was fucking awful.


Read a book, play my Switch, sleep…


You don’t mind that you didn’t get round to picking a union…or that there’s a chance of redundancy?


The only places I’ve had to travel on the weekend have been New York and Singapore which are both pretty exciting so I haven’t minded so much


If anything I’m more likely to wfh during the winter due to our office being absolutely freezing all year round and at home I can put the heating on


The redundancy. It’s a decent deal and I’ve been wondering whether staying in my job is the right thing to do anyway

I do need to join a union, but I’ll probably wait until I’ve found a new job now - I may end up in a different industry where another union is a better fit.


Fair play, I hope it all works out for you, whatever you choose (though definitely join a union!)


Some combination of reading, work (rare, only if I really need to), listening to music and playing on the Switch.

And bits of life admin sometimes.


I will almost never stay late in the office if I can help it now. I’d rather travel home earlier and do a bit more work from home if necessary.


I read a book until the women get on who talk constantly about absolute trite, boring nonsense and I can no longer concentrate and then the earphones go in for a podcast instead.