Got a few job polls, iydm


Only just started at my new place and have no idea who the union would be - was previously in the NUJ somewhat tenuously, but would join again


Yeah whatever works ain’t it. I’m more inclined to stay in the office tbh because if I came home of an evening and worked that would more likely go down less well with my wife oddly.


Harry Potter

  • Just shit
  • Tory
  • Brexit
  • Fine to read once and enjoy but anything beyond that is fucking weird
  • Amazing! But I would say that, I’m such a GriffleDick!

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Thanks. Back to the work polls now please.


Stuff you get from your bizniz

  • Company car
  • Company laptop
  • Company phone
  • Uniform
  • Perks related to your industry (discounts, etc.)
  • Anything else (please specify)

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Anything else (please specify): none


I didn’t vote aggers because it’s complicated.

I get in late every day and waste a lot of time fucking about, thus I stay a bit late to match the time I got in and then stay a bit later to catch up on stuff I didn’t get done during my proper hours. So technically I’m doing extra unpaid hours but not actually doing unpaid “work”.


Trading up the laptop from a massive, heavy Fujitsu POS to a Surface later this month. My back could not be more happy.


I did this and went back to a laptop because the surface was super annoying.


Anything else: free lunches, private healthcare, share scheme, high street discounts thinger (not related to the industry), access to financing schemes for things like home electronics, other stuff.

Frankly they’re lucky to have me.


When we had our laptops upgraded all the fools went for the biggest screen available but I went for the smallest as I am docked 99% of the time. I prance into work each morning light as a feather laughing at my colleagues.


no such thing m7


Really wish I had a proper laptop. Surface Pro is so temperamental and find the keyboard really flimsy.


There’s a huge list of discounts. Half price cinema tickets, for instance. Ten quid for a flu jab. Money off groceries. A percentage of dental costs covered. All sorts and so many that we probably don’t use them because we can’t remember them.


We were offered a choice between a surface pro and a surface laptop, went for the latter, felt like a no brainer really!


free clothes. boots, jackets, shirts etc

anything i wear on site tends to get destroyed fairly quickly.


Free PPE, which isn’t of much benefit except for my site boots. I’ve got a good pair of Dickies boots that I also use for gardening and hiking.


Anything else:

  • Can use phone as main phone and they pay it all
  • Free breakfast
  • Office in the sun for 2 weeks per year (villa in Malaga this year)
  • Gym card paid for
  • Flexcation

Maybe some other stuff I can’t remember


By company car I mean car rental scheme…at the job I haven’t even started at yet


Oxford, no doubt? Painfully Tory.