Got a few job polls, iydm


many thanks!
I am looking forward to the excellent pension options that they offer


That’s why I ended up getting a full time job. Getting up and going on a bus every day is not my favourite thing in the world but knowing I’ll get paid at least a certain amount at the end of each month makes up for it.


We don’t get a traditional massive-pissup style Christmas party; it’s a family thing instead - bring the kids along, free food, someone dresses up as Santa, that sort of thing. TBH, after ten years of disappointing sit-down meals and drunk chief execs giving rambling speeches bigging up all their mates, it’s a pretty refreshing change. Also, it’s basically during working hours so you can go to the pub with your mates afterwards.


doing all the maths has reminded me i’m painstakingly close to covering my half of the mortgage, bills, travel and food with my projects. but i know the second i switch to full time freelance half the contracts will suddenly dry up and i’ll be fucko’d


yeah I’m hoping I can balance the perm stuff (not particularly exciting design work for the civil service!!! but with really nice people in a low stress environment, which will cover my living costs) with some exciting self initiated stuff (just imagine something really cool here, which people will eventually start paying me for), and occasional freelance dollar work which I think will come in a bit from contacts I’ve built up over the last year and a half (usually a bit shit work but ££££, and will be kind of BONUS money for fun things).



What’s the deal with this?


this is what i do almost exactly without the cool bit


In March and November the company rents a big house somewhere with sun and we can go and work from there for a week (twice a year, so two weeks total). They cover accommodation and flights. Basically because Swedish winter is so dark it is to get us to recharge and also a team-building thing. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s awful.


I’ve been spending my time doing this for the last couple of years

Freelance dollar work (usually a bit shit but £££££). 50% of time
Cool stuff which no one pays me (or very little) for but eventual will. 10% of time
Freaking out cos I don’t have any work in / applying or pitching for things I don’t get / getting a bit sad and disillusioned. 40% of time

The 40% bit has been quite difficult!


yeah. now you’re heading into the wonderful world of:

• Day job, covering your basics/general living standards
• Freelance work that you keep saying yes to despite knowing you shouldn’t, which DO produce sweet additional dollar but also cripple your social life
• The faraway memory of things that made you smile because they were cool


Ha ha!

I am already formulating an exciting schedule and projected budget of how I am going to tackle this!



oh yes, you’ll do all the pre-fun work for sure. and then it will just slip from your grasp. Tears in rain mate.


Sounds amazing!


Was offered a company phone but they said you would then have to be on call out of office hours.


:sob: :cloud_with_rain: :heavy_multiplication_x:

:sunglasses: :sun_with_face: :heavy_check_mark:


I still get freelance jobs coming in which I fit in during evenings or weekends. The amount varies but last month it was an extra £450 on top of my salary (before tax). But it meant I could buy a new phone after my old one was getting crappy due to not being able to updated to a recent, let alone new, OS. Plus more records.


yeah!!! thats what I’m talking about!


More polls pls ppl.


oh if the fun stuff is buying cool shit then yes, you’re going to be laughing

  • Fixed desk
  • Hot desk
  • Broken desk
  • No desk

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