Got a few job polls, iydm


I will report back in 6 mths




If your boss has a partner do you know their name?

  • JA!
  • NEIN!

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I’ve even met her!


Training courses, work paid for me to go back to college.


Funnily enough, it is formerly famous actor Jeri Ryan


Fiftieth birthday party at the boss’s gaff.


An old boss of mine’s daughter married Richard Vranch. You do not get better than that.


Oddly, yes. It’s on in our building, which means it is four minutes from my house. My team are really nice so I’ll get a bit pissed with them and then I’ll fuck off home!


I wouldn’t even know how to pronounce it.


What Vranch? Like branch. Did you not watch Whose Line is it Anyway? Fucking missied out on a lot of hoe downs.


Sorry, I think you’ve done that thing again where you’ve assumed I’m ten years older than I am.


Shut it , gramps.


How much time percentage wise would you say you spend doing nothing

  • 0%
  • 10%
  • 20%
  • 30%
  • 40%
  • 50%
  • 60%
  • 70%
  • 80%
  • 90%
  • 100%

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A common perk here lately is the boss emailing us all and saying, “Productivity is outstanding this week. We’re right on top of the workflow. You can all go home an hour early.” Today it’s just half an hour early but that’s still a bloody good bonus. Seven more minutes and I’m outta here!


Productivity is down. I’ve locked the doors and Turned off the air. Find and eat the least productive member of staff and you gain freedom.


It kinda does! It has been hit and miss the last few times I go (I realise how ridic and privileged this sounds)

One time I went and it rained the whole time so we were all sat round a dining room table with each other for 7 days basically, with nowhere else for us to work. I wanted to kill everyone I worked with by the end of it. 24 hrs a day with colleagues for a week isn’t the best, even if it is in a pimped villa.

The other 2 times were pretty great.


I have a vague plan for when I return to (my previous) workplace in September. I like the actual work a fair amount but the things I don’t like I really struggle with. (Reasonably) fixed hours, having to go in to the office, bureaucracy, ‘progression’ and all that comes with it, values and responsibilities of working for a large organisation, just general office like in a (admittedly relaxed) corporate environment.

I’m hoping to set up my own business and arrange to cover the overspill from our current weekly workload on a contractual basis, hugely undercutting the (large) company that currently does this. Ideally do a three day week from home and spend the rest of my time pursuing hobbies/interests and learning new things.

I’ve spoken briefly with my boss about it and the only issue is the management side of my role. A colleague has been seconded into my job at the moment so it might hinge on how he has done in my absence. I’m sure he will be fine though.


Why doesn’t the biggest member of staff simply eat all the other members of staff?


Sounds good.

I sometimes wonder if i’m having tunnel vision or being a bit neurotic, but in every job i’ve had i’ve had thoughts along the lines of i could do this better, or cheaper or streamline this, or do it more ethically, etc, but taking the jump’s always scared me a bit.

I absolutely can’t think of a way to get ahead long-term that doesn’t involve being my own boss. Not even arsed about money or other trappings, just in terms of freedom to work when i want, having ideas and seeing them materlialise, cutting out bullshit and nobheads, putting hours the way of family and friends, etc.

You’ll knock it out of the park, mate, i’m sure of it.