Got a message before telling me i'm the 14th most admired DiSer


Behind ma0sm and CM_Tony, sure, that’s fine, but xylo and ruffers? Shit the fucking bed.

Out of interest how many of these fourteen ‘admired’ regulars do you think are white males?

Mate, admiration doesn’t come from skin colour, it comes from correctly ranking Radiohead albums



Genuinely great records:
The Bends
In Rainbows
OK Computer
Kid A

King o’ Limbs

Pablo Honey
Hail To The Thief
Moon Shaped Pool

This is why you’re so admired, good job :+1:

I’m #4 on that list. We’re all white men, I think.

Apparently I’m number 13.

Unlucky for some.

I opened and read it, it said they were suckers



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don’t need no message to tell me how great I am.

Actually 14th is a bit shit. Think I’d rather not be on the list… which is fortunate

No bones to me. Most loved, most hated, just gotta get that pop.

Behind Marckee. Didn’t even spot that. The comedy i bring, ffs.

I made that up about being 13th. Where is this list from? Is it ‘likes received’?

Happy to plump for 9th like but if nobody’s calling me a waste of jizz what’s the point

heart breaking

what? that’s basically the shitcunts list.

I demand a recount.

Ma0sm’s paying Russian bots to like his bloody posts.


I’m on there as well, mate.