Got a message before telling me i'm the 14th most admired DiSer


have you forgotten the drunken naked netrunner livestream he linked to, live from Chatteris? :frowning:


43 likes :smiley:


Yeah, it’s all about the peripheral obscurity


sandwiched between @bugduv and @ma0sm.



I’ve given 231 likes.

Some of these lads have given 10,000.

Unfair playing field.


Half of them were in this thread, too:


I’d give you a like for this, but, well… y’know.


Yeah,half the white males on that list are alright


what i want to know is who has the most “nice reply” and “good reply” badges

eh? eh @theo? who’s that?


I hadn’t even been born then.


My topic/reply ratio is beautiful


Roughly 1 topic for every 12 replies


@ma0sm or @cowcow , I’d guess. There are other levels above ‘good reply’ too.


It’s got to be @aggpass surely?

@ma0sm is the only person with two “great reply” badges (50+ likes). @epimer got one for this (honestly, I go away for three months…)


@aggpass has 11 good replies to @ma0sm 's 8. @cowcow has just one.

I knew something Marckee didn’t! :smile:


You can never trust the taste of those who dish out likes.


My Likes/Reply is very very admirable.

I think I should be admired for that.

1.15 likes for every reply.

Can anyone beat that? (I don’t care)

EDIT : Not that I checked but @marckee’s is 0.71 :grimacing:


It’s 300 posts with 5 likes.

I’ve got loads with 4 likes.


If you ask me withholding likes is a form of insecurity, oh I won’t like anything in case nobody likes my things
That’s what I reckon


Aw cute! You’re my favourite 14th-placed! :kissing_heart: