Got a message before telling me i'm the 14th most admired DiSer

Like no one said it was something to be proud of, it’s just people with too much time on their hands circle jerking each other.

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It’s in chronological order, not order of admiration.

Is it fuck. It’s the thirteen greatest minds on here…and AggPass.


Did Russian bots used to post under a different name?

russian troll maybe?

You might even be the 13th or 12th most admired Disser by now. If for instance you did a lot of admirable things in the last day, and everyone stopped admiring Epimer on May 5th.

I’m a bit too underground for this. You probably haven’t even heard of me.

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Yeah, the chart for total number of likes received can be extracted from here:

have you forgotten the drunken naked netrunner livestream he linked to, live from Chatteris? :frowning:


43 likes :smiley:

Yeah, it’s all about the peripheral obscurity

sandwiched between @bugduv and @ma0sm.


I’ve given 231 likes.

Some of these lads have given 10,000.

Unfair playing field.

Half of them were in this thread, too:

I’d give you a like for this, but, well… y’know.

Yeah,half the white males on that list are alright

what i want to know is who has the most “nice reply” and “good reply” badges

eh? eh @theo? who’s that?

I hadn’t even been born then.

My topic/reply ratio is beautiful

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Roughly 1 topic for every 12 replies

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