Got a splinter in my finger


quite annoying

any splinter anecdotes?


I had one once, it was also quite annoying.


Got one about the time he found some turtles in the sewer, but you’ve probably heard it before.



take it to the Marvel thread




Sorry, not into kids films.


Except that Rosario Dawson one, that was alright.



I dropped my iPad on my foot and it hurts


I had one that was so deep I couldn’t reach it. After a few days it rose out of the tip of my finger on a wave of pus, looked like Excalibur.


I once got a splinter in my finger when chopping wood and then a bit later I had a tiny hard lump on my finger and I prodded it with a pin and eventually squeezed out what looked like a tiny (1-2mm) little egg. Yes the splinter had laid an egg (idk).

Some lovecraftian body horror for you right there.


If a rat implying he was wanking on a rooftop makes me a nerd then so be it.


I stand by my original jpeg.




They can travel through your body and burst your heart.