Got a stereo in my room that i cba with anymore


How can i dispose of it? Not worth selling and dont have a car. Can I just leave it outside my house and hope the people with prams pick take them?


It up*


I did exactly that with a stereo recently, it was gone within 45 seconds


Flush it down the toilet.


Stick it in a sock bowl of rice


gumtree / freecycle


You should take it to bits and check for Platinum first, some of these old stereos are hidden goldmines




I’ve got a big TV in mine I dont want (big cause its from like the 90s)



If you live in a big city Uber will take it off your hands on Saturday




Can’t take electrical to chaz, ezza. Do you know nothing?


Why do they always have stereos for sale then, wiseguy?


Damn it. This seems perfect. Nothing in Kent though :frowning:



What @japes said, or freeshare/freegle, or 1p with local collection only on eBay, or on a local community intertron chat/classifieds forum/GB group, or ask a local vulnerable person shelter…


I left it out the front this morning and when i came home it was gone so at least its gone to some one who wanted it.